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Dog Walking Setup Procedure

After initial contact with you we will arrange to meet you and your dog at your home. During this meeting we can answer your questions about our dog walking service and you can let us know everything we need to know in order to care for and walk your dog safely, ensuring that they receive the exercise and attention that they need. This will be recorded in a registration form.

At the meeting we may also go with you and your dog for a trial dog walk. At this time we can then make an assessment of your dog whilst out walking including what they are like walking on the lead, how good their recall is and how they interact with other dogs and people. The trial walk will also provide the opportunity for you to show us any special techniques you may use to manage your dog whilst on a walk. We find that this helps us to interact with your dog in a way that is consistent with what they are accustomed to and means we are able to more accurately reinforce any training they have received or are currently undergoing.

We will ask you to sign our terms and conditions and also to sign a form to give us authority to take your dog to the vet in case of any medical emergencies that may occur while your dog is in our care.

Keys for your home will normally be provided at the meeting. These will be kept in a secure location when not in use and identity coded - no address details are kept with keys.

After each dog walk we will fill out a diary to record the walk with details such as what your dog's behaviour was like during the walk, where we took them for a walk and what dogs they met.

We will arrange a regular weekly schedule with you for walking your dog.

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