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Best choice for Dog Walking Services in Cardiff!

Advantages of our dog walking service

  • CRB police checked regularly.
  • Fully insured.
  • Pet First Aid Trained.
  • Reliable personal service at a competitive price.
  • Your dog will be walked by a responsible and knowledgeable Professional Dog Walker with 9 years experience of professional dog walking.
  • Your dog will be walked by the same person so we get to know your dog well and your dog soon bonds with us.
  • Dogs can be driven to a local park in our safely equiped car or can be walked from your house.
  • We can reinforce any training they are undertaking during walks including heel walking and recall.
  • Muddy paws are towel dried after walks & we always scoop the poop and clean up any house training accidents in your home.
  • We make sure your dog is settled after the walk with clean water (and a treat if desired) before leaving them.
  • We usually walk dogs either one-on-one or in small groups up to 3 dogs.
  • We don't walk dogs with aggressive issues on group walks so you can feel assured that your dog will be safe walking in the group.
  • We only walk dogs with other dogs where they mix well together and have similar energy levels.
  • We encourage dogs to play together however we supervise this well and break it up if we feel it is becoming too rough so that serious dog fights don't break out.
  • If we drive your dog to the park they will be carried safely in a car equipped with safety harnesses, dog guard, fan & comfortable bedding by an experienced careful driver with a clean driving licence.
  • We take great care of your keys. They are kept in a secure location when not in use and they are identity coded and never labelled with your address. We have never lost a client's keys however in the unlikely event that they were mislaid we do have key cover insurance to replace your locks and keys.
  • We have an excellent safety record over the 8 years we have been professionally walking dogs. We aim to give your dog the opportunity to have as much exercise and fun as possible but we recognise that there are some risks involved in walking dogs and take sensible precautions to minimise those risks.

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