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Professional Dog Walking Service in Cardiff

Come Home to A Contented Dog!

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If you are looking for a dog walking or dog pet care service in Cardiff providing professional, knowledgeable & experienced Dog Walkers then Pets Go Walkies are the one to choose. We view you and your dog as being unique and so we aim to personalise our service to suit your dog’s needs and your particular circumstances.

Whether you wish your dog to have personal one-on-one attention from a Dog Walker or want your dog to walk and socialise with other dogs within a small group or just have a dog pet sitting visit at home, Pets Go Walkies can help.

  • Solo dog walk – 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Your dog will be walked together with your Dog Walker solely; allowing for exclusive attention and interaction between your dog and your Dog Walker. We can walk your dog on their favourite dog walk in your local area or take your dog to a local nearby park. For dogs that can safely go off lead in a safe park this can include playing games with a ball or frisbee. A solo dog walk is suitable for any dog but is especially suitable for a shy timid dog or a dog with some behavioural issues.
  • Social dog walk – We can walk your dog with 1 or 2 other friendly dogs. They will visit a local safe park to run around and have fun together and play games. This service is suitable for well behaved friendly dogs with good recall.
  • Puppy sitting visit – 30 minutes. For puppies that are not ready for a longer dog walk we also offer a puppy sitting service which can include a shorter walk as well as indoor or garden puppy dog games.
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  • Daily dog sitting visit30 minutes. We can visit your dog to feed, replenish water, let them out into the garden for a toilet break, administer medication, clean up any puddles, play with them and give lots of attention and cuddles. Suitable especially for elderly or infirm dogs that need more frequent toilet breaks or attention.

Your dog will be walked and well looked after by an experienced, caring, responsible Dog Walker who loves dogs and is reliable and trustworthy, Pet First Aid trained and police checked.

We can walk your dog on or off the lead to suit. We will only walk your dog off the lead with your permission and only under safe conditions such as within an enclosed park away from the road. Your dog must also have very good recall with us and be well socialised with other dogs and people.

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