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Pet Sitting Setup Procedure

We will arrange with you a convenient time for an initial consultation with you at your home so we can meet you and your pets. At this meeting we can answer any questions you may have about our pet sitting service and we can learn everything we need to know about your pet in order to care for them while you are away.

If you are happy to go ahead then we will fill out a registration form with you noting down all the details that we need to care for your pet and look after your home. We will ask you to sign our terms and conditions and also to sign a form to give us authority to take your pet to the vet in case of any medical emergencies that may occur with your pet while you are away.

We will also ask you for contact details of somebody who you may wish to act on your behalf in case of an emergency with your pet or your home while you are away.

We will ask you to provide details of a local person who has a copy of the keys for emergency backup. If you are not able to do this then we will ask you to supply 2 sets of keys. One of which will be kept in a safe for emergency use. The other set will also be kept in a safe when not in use. Keys are identity coded and no address details are kept with keys. If you are not able to provide them at this time then we can arrange to collect them from you at a later date. However we do make a £3 charge to collect or drop off keys unless you live very close to us or we are already within the area and can arrange to do it while passing.

At each pet sitting visit we will fill out a diary to record our visit with details such as how your pet was, whether they ate their food, whether they were friendly or timid, and for dogs, where we took them for a walk and what dogs they met.

After the pet sitting we will make arrangements with you for the return of your keys or alternatively if you wish we may keep them in a safe ready for the next time you need us to pet sit for you.

A 25% deposit will be required to secure your booking during peak periods. Note that we cannot confirm your booking until after we have met you and your pet and filled out the forms and received your deposit.

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