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Best choice for Pet Sitting Services in Cardiff!

Advantages our pet sitting service has over a cattery or dog boarding kennel

  • Our pet sitting services can often work out cheaper than local Cardiff catteries and dog kennels.
  • Your pet can remain in their own home with familiar sights, sounds and smells and they can keep to their usual home routines.
  • Your pet won't have to experience the stress and upset that some pets may undergo when staying away from home at a dog boarding kennel or cattery due to being away from their familiar environment.
  • No distressing journey to the dog boarding kennel or cattery for pets that dislike travelling.
  • No exposure to risk of catching illness from other animals at the dog boarding kennel or cattery.
  • Doberman puppy
  • Tabby cat
  • King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Pet sitting services from Pets Go Walkies will provide:

  • Professional cat sitting and small pet sitting services - Personal care and attention from a professional, knowledgeable and caring Pet Sitter with 9 years experience.
  • Reliable, personal service at a competitive price.
  • Pet First Aid Trained.
  • Fully insured and CRB police checked regularly.
  • Your pets will be cared for by the same person so we get to know your pets well and they will bond with us.
  • We provide a diary record of your our visits with your pets and can also provide email updates.
  • We can water your indoor plants and put out your bins on bin day.
  • We take great care of your keys. They are kept in a secure location when not in use and they are identity coded and never labelled with your address. We have never lost a client's keys however in the unlikely event that they were mislaid we do have key cover insurance to replace your locks and keys.
  • We can provide home security by making your home look lived in while you are away by picking up newspapers and mail, opening/closing curtains & switching lights on/off.

For your next trip away book a Pet Sitter with Pets Go Walkies.

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