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Cardiff Pet Sitting Services

Come Home to a Contented Pet!

Looking for a cost effective alternative to a cattery or dog boarding kennel in Cardiff? We offer at home Pet Sitter visiting services allowing your pets to stay in their own home while you are away, perhaps on holiday or working away.

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At Home Pet Sitting Visits

Home pet sitting visits start at 30 minutes for as many times per day as required. For pets that need more attention than this our Pet Sitters can visit for longer as required. As appropriate for the pet a visit by a Pet Sitter may consist of feeding, providing fresh water, poop scooping, litter changing, cleaning up any puddles, administering medication, playing games, grooming and giving your pets lots of attention.

Dogs Go Walkies – Dogs can be let out in your garden or can be taken for short walks. (Note that this is a regular daily service whilst you are at work etc, we cannot provide cover for dogs left home alone overnight).

Cats Go Walkies – For cats who are used to going out every day but do not have access to a cat flap our Pet Sitters can let them outside in the morning and back in again in the evening (providing they are unlikely to stray).

Little Pets Go Walkies – Your Pet Sitter can take small caged pets out of their cages and handle them or allow them to run around outside their cages (provided they are used to this and it is within a secure area).

For your next trip away book a Pet Sitter with Pets Go Walkies.

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