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Puppy Sitting Service, Cardiff

Our Puppy Sitters can visit your home to care for your puppy when you cannot be there.

While your new puppy is growing up they will need extra attention and cannot be left on their own for too long. This is particularly the case for puppies that are being house trained. During this early stage, caring for your puppy can be quite demanding, especially when you and your family have other commitments such as work and college.

A Puppy Sitter can visit your puppy at home to feed, replenish water, play, clean up any puddles, change training pads and provide plenty of interaction and attention. When your puppy is ready we can take your puppy for a walk enabling them to start socialising with other dogs and people. During this time we can also reinforce any puppy training that you are implementing.

Our at home puppy sitting service is available for puppies aged 8 weeks and over.

If you are getting a new puppy or already have one book a Puppy Sitter from Pets Go Walkies.

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